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This word (προτίθημι) is what I think is being shown in my commentary but the second letter might not be correct.  In the commentary the second letter looks like a "p" except the tail on the letter is curved coming down the left side and curving to the right.  I can't find the word in the dictionary.  Any ideas what the second letter might be?  It doesn't look like any Greek letter I have seen.

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"προτίθημι" ( https://el.wiktionary.org/wiki/%CF%80%CF%81%CE%BF%CF%84%CE%AF%CE%B8%CE%B7%CE%BC%CE%B9 ) is an ancient Greek word.  This is outside the scope of Ask-Greek forum, please read our ToS:  https://learn-greek-online.com/ask-greek/tos

The second letter of the word is "ρ" ("r" in English).

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Thank you for your answer.  Sorry, I didn't know this word was ancient Greek and not for this forum.