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την αράζω, να την αράξω.  Does it mean to "park"?  I have heard the expressions and did not make much sense to me.


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Literally, the verb "αράζω" means "I dock the ship into the port", "αράζω το πλοίο στο λιμάνι".

Metaphorically, in an informal setting, it means "I relax". For example: "Αράζω στο κρεβάτι μου/ στην ξαπλώστρα της παραλίας" means "I relax in my bed/ in the sunbed".

In a more literary way, this verb means "I find refuge after difficulties/ I rest". For example, as the poet Kavafis writes: "γέρος πια να αράξω στο νησί" = "as an old man to rest on the island".

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vasiliki Baskou, Instructor/Director, https://learn-greek-online.com.

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