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The word "πιάνω" means "to catch", but in a text I found the phrase "πιάνει δροσιά".  What does it mean in this sentence? Are there any other similar expressions with "πιάνει"?


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The phrase "πιάνει δροσιά" means "αρχίζει να έχει δροσιά" ("it becomes cool").

In the same way we say "πιάνει ζέστη" = it becomes hot, "πιάνει κρύο" = "it becomes cold", "πιάνει βροχή" = "It starts raining".

Other expressions with the verb "πιάνω":

"με πιάνουν τα γέλια" = "I start laughing"

"με πιάνουν τα κλάματα" = "Ι start crying"

"με πιάνει απελπισία" = "I become desperate"

"με πιάνει το παράπονο" = "I become sad"

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Και "με πιάνει πονοκέφαλος / πονόκοιλος ..." κλπ!