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What is the meaning of βοτάνικου ?

Could you please clarify, where did you find this word.  Please give entire phrase.

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“βοτανικού” is the genitive case of “βοτανικός”=botanical.

However I noticed you wrote “βοτάνικου”, the accent on ά, not on ού.

I suspect you encountered this word in the song “Του Βοτανικού ο μάγκας”, which translates to “The tough guy from Votanikos”: ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrusUFzEtUI ).

“Βοτανικός” is a large area in the city of Athens.  This songs talks about a tough guy that lived or was born in the area of Votanikos.

In this song, to make the word “βοτανικού” rhyme better, the singer actually says “βοτάνικού”, with the accent in both ά and ού.

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