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Hi, I was wondering how one can create a diminutive in modern greek language. Thanks!

In english little + noun/substantive or even adding let to the end.. Booklet , for instance.

In Spanish and French there are similar declensions / suffixes.

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Hello Frank

In Greek we use diminutives a lot.

The endings for diminutive nouns are:

-άκης / -ούλης / -άκος for masculine nouns

e.g. Γιώργάκης, Κωστάκης, πατερούλης, αδερφούλης, δρομάκος

- ίτσα / -ούλα for feminine nouns

e.g. Ελενίτσα, κορούλα, ταβερνούλα

- άκι for neuter nouns

e.g. παιδάκι, τραπεζάκι, κρασάκι, ψωμάκι

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