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Not long back from Skiathos and we are hoping to return early September if the UK and Greek authorities let us fly. Hope you are keeping safe and well in Greece. May I ask about Greek idioms?

Someone said to me in the hotel "Όσo να πεις κρεμμύδι" (I think) which I only know as onions! He said it meant 'in a moment'.  I understood a moment was "σε λίγο".

As I often in a restaurant say  χωρίς χρεμμύδι  -  is it some sort of local idiom or used everywhere in Greece?

Ευχαριστώ πάλι


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All these are just idioms and mean immediately, very fast :
μέχρι να πεις κρεμμύδι
μέχρι να πεις κύμινο
όσο να πεις κρεμμύδι
όσο να πεις κύμινο

Κύμινο means cumin, κρεμμύδι means onion.

The most common one that I hear a lot is "μέχρι να πεις κύμινο".

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