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In a business letter to a Greek Orthodox monastery, what salutation and what closing would you normally use?

I don't know the addressee, but I'd like to know what kind of formality is expected in any dealings with a Greek Orthodox monk in writing. Ευχαριστώ πολύ

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I am not familiar with these terms, I had to consult a person who is very close to Greek Orthodox priests and monasteries.  This is his answer :

You begin the letter with the salutation:

Άγιε Καθηγούμενε (if addressing a male) or
Αγία Καθηγουμένη (for female)

You can follow with the name of the recipient, but this would make it less formal.

If the person has a university degree, you can precede the above with the words : Οσιολογιότατε/Οσιολογιοτάτη

If you do not know if they have a university degree, you can still use it out of respect and to be on the safe side:

Οσιολογιότατε Άγιε Καθηγούμενε (male) or
Οσιολογιοτάτη Αγία Καθηγουμένη (female)

A formal way to end the letter is :  Ασπάζομαι την Δεξιάν σας

A less formal way to end it is : Εύχεσθε

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Most helpful. Thank you.