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Hi Vasiliki,

I'm from India.

We are looking for names for our baby girl with the meaning 'sweet fragrance'. We have shortlisted on the word - 'Myra' .

However we found other sources online saying that Myrah has different meaning in different languages

Also some of my friends have mentioned that Myra - means 'fate 'in greek, as mentioned elsewhere online.

We were wondering if you can please clarify on the same, if possible.

Most of my friends recommended your website when i was looking for clarity.

Wondering if you can please help me understand the following:

(i) origin of the word - Myra
(ii) whether or not it is a proper greek word
(iii) What is the actual meaning of the word
(iv) how do we spell it in English
(v) If we add letter 'H' at the end or spell it in different way - for eg., "Myrah'or 'Mayra' - will it change the meaning in Greek

It will be of a great help if you can please clarify on these things as the meaning has huge family tradition running through many generations and has a great sentimental value attached.

Appreciate your time and patience.

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"Μύρο" or "Μύρρο" (neutral gender) translates to "Myrrh" in English.  It comes from the plant "Κομμιφόρος η μύρρα" (scientific name : Commiphora myrrha).

For more information on the plant you can read these:

Other names for the plant are : Μύρρα, σμύρνα, βδέλλιο, μύρρον

"Μύρο" also means "beautifull smell"/fragrance in Greek.

"Μύρρα" or "Σμύρνα" is an actual name from Greek mythology :

"Μοίρα" (which sounds the same as "Μύρρα") does mean "fate" in Greek.

So yes, "Μύρρα" could make a good female name that is connected to "fragrance" (because of the plant that produces it).

I am not an expert in the English language, but when it comes to spelling names, there are no strict rules.  "Myrra", "Myrrah", "Myra" or "Myrah" could be fine for spelling, as long as the "h" at the end does not produce any sound.

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