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Hello, none of the suggestions dealt with my questions.

Do you have a Greek word equivalent to the English word "until" or "till"? Does it mean things change after "until" or "till", and what is that Greek word?

Thanks for your help.

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All of the following words/phrases mean "until" in Greek:

μέχρι, ώσπου, μέχρις ότου, έως ότου, ως, έως

All of these mean that something is happening up to a point in time (when the until situation happens).


He wore this jacket until it was torn = Φορούσε αυτό το σακάκι μέχρι που σκίστηκε.

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Is there a case in Greek where everything continues as before even though the sentence has until?
Someone was telling me that there are cases in Greek that continues as before even though until is in the sentence.
Is that true?
Please give me an example, I am not sure what you mean.