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Help me please, how do I write the phrase "raging ocean" in Greek?


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rage = οργή
ocean = ωκεανός

raging ocean = οργισμένος ωκεανός

If you make a search in Google you will find too little mentions of “οργισμένος ωκεανός”.  However you will find many for “οργισμένη θάλασσα” (raging sea).  Maybe this is because Greeks have a very long history with sailing, but from the ancient years this was mostly in the Mediterranean Sea, and much less in any of the oceans.

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Thank you for answer!

But what about μανιασμένος ωκεανός? It would be incorrect?
Yes, you can definitely say "μανιασμένος ωκεανός".   (μανία = mania)