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I wonder if you can clear something up about reported speech and using the parataktikos.

I have encountered the following exercise, the phrases should be put into the paratakikos:

Q.  ‘Θα φύγω από την  Λαρνακα’ Αλεξης
Α.  Ο Αλέξης μου είπε ότι θα έφευγε απο την Λάρνακα
Q. ‘Θα πλύνω το λεωφορείο μου’ Στέργιος
Α.  Ο Στέργιος μου ειπε οτι θα έπλενε το λεωφορείο του
Q. ‘Θα βάψω όλο το σπίτι μου’ κυρια Χατζήδου
Α.  Η κυρία Χατζήδου μου είπε οτι θα έβαφε όλο το σπίτι της.
I am confused because i thought the parataktikos was used for past duration or repetition and I cannot see that this is the case in these examples.
Can you please clarify for me?
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Paratatikos is used for past duration or repetition in Direct Speech and not in Reported Speech.
In reported speech the tenses have a different function.

In the sentence "Ο Αλέξης μου είπε ότι θα έφευγε από την Λάρνακα" the verb is "θα έφευγε" and not just "έφευγε".
Θα έφευγε" means "would leave"  and it is different from "έφευγε" that means "was leaving" or "left".
"θα έφευγε" is formed with the help of Paratatikos but it is not Paratatikos.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vasiliki Baskou, Instructor/Director, https://learn-greek-online.com.

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