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I would like a tattoo that says live without fear in Greek. I have seen four different ways and I want to make sure I have the right one. I have seen:

Ζήσε χωρίς φόβο

Ζουν χωρίς φόβο

Ζήστε χωρίς φόβο


Thanks for your time, I really appreciate it.


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Ζήσε χωρίς φόβο translates to Live without fear (singular, ie we are telling one person to live without fear ).

"Ζουν χωρίς φόβο" translates to "they live without fear" (plural).
"Ζήστε χωρίς φόβο" translates to "live without fear" (plural, ie we are telling many persons to live without fear).

"ΖΩΗ ΧΟΡΙΣ φόβος" is misspelled.  It should be: 

“Ζωή χωρίς φόβο” which translates to “life without fear”.

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Thank you so very much!