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Hello everybody.

Can we use "se thelo" for other things or just to express desire and want?


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"Se thelo" (σε θέλω) means "I want you"

"thelo" (θέλω) means "I want".

You hear "σε θέλω" a lot between couples that are in love.  There are no uses other than the ones you mentioned.

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so we can not use it to mean i need you for something professional? or between friends?
"Σε θέλω" is not very professional to say.  So we could say "σε θέλω να είσαι ο γιατρός μου" (I want you to be my doctor), but it is not very appropriate.  We would rather say "θέλω να είσαι ο γιατρός μου".  

"Σε θέλω" shows a very strong desire.  "I want you" is much stronger than "I want".
Thank you so-much professor