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Another name translation, haha.
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In official Greek language there is no “sh” sound (like the thick sh sound in “shop”).

This is the Greek Sigma letter :
“Σ” (capital)
“σ” (lower case)
“ς” (sigma at the end of the word)

The Greek Sigma sounds just like the English letter “S”, like in the word “sun”.

In certain parts of Greece, local people may pronounce the Sigma with a much thicker sound, that does resemble the English “sh” sound.  However this is an idiomatic sound like many other sound variances in different locations of Greece.

In any case, whether the Sigma is pronounced “s” or “sh” in a Greek word, it is the same letter and the meaning of the word does not change.

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I just listened to a recording of the legendary Rita Abatziand ash she finishes the strophe a guy in instruments says :: [Yashu] Ρητά μου!
I know what Ρητά μου is - and I also know that the unknown word [Yashu] means "ζήτω",  I just don't know how to spell it. How would you spell it ?
[Yashu] is “γεια σου” in Greek.  It means “hello” and “cheers”.  However in this case it is an exclamation.  “Γεια σου Ρίτα μου” is an expression of admiration and good wish, something like : “Rita, good health to you, you are the best!”

You can hear how “γεια σου” sounds here:

The word “γεια” comes from “υγεία”, which means “health”.   See here for more information: