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When I am on holiday in Greece or Cyprus I like to be as polite as possible when speaking to all Greeks and Cypriots especially hotel staff and shopkeepers.
I have heard people just say Θέλω...…….(I want...…….) which I would not say in English, but some Greek friends say this is not rude in Greece!
I have said Θα ήθελα...………..(I would like...…) which seems more polite but I have used the phrase Μήπος έχετε...….(do you have...……..) to people even though I know they have the item! Is this completely incorrect in Greek as most people have reacted well to the latter phrase'
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"θα ήθελα" is more polite than just "θέλω", so I would suggest you use it. When you are not a native speaker it is better to use "safe" stractures and not informal or colloquial forms.
As for "Μήπως έχετε" is acceptable, even if you are sure that they have the item. In this case, though, it is better to say "Θα ήθελα".
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Thank you for that - I understand now!