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What is the difference between βλέπω, γυρεύω και κοιτάζω ?
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Too many words for looking!

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Βλέπω and κοιτάζω are synonymes, they both mean "see, look". In some phrases they can be used interchangeably.

ex: Κοιτάζω τις φωτογραφίες. / Βλέπω τις φωτογραφίες. = I look at the photographs.

The difference between them is that βλέπω means "I realise the presence of an object with my eyes", whereas κοιτάζω means  "I objerve, I pay attention to something."


Τι βλέπεις στην εικόνα; = What do you see in the picture?

Τι κοιτάζεις με τόσο ενδιαφέρον; = What are you looking at with so much interest?

Γυρεύω is different, it means "search for, seek" (informal)


Τι γυρεύεις; = What are you looking for?

Γυρεύω τα γυαλιά μου. = I am looking for my glasses.

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What about "watch"?

Example: "I am watching a movie." or "Watch and learn!" or
"he went to watch the soccer game"
Watch means κοιτάζω (or κοιτώ).  Similar to βλέπω, but with more intensity, increased attention, taking the meaning of “παρακολουθώ”.  

So "I am watching a movie" means “βλέπω μια ταινία” if I am watching casually or “παρακολουθώ μια ταινία” if I am really paying attention to it.

"Watch and learn!" translates to “κοίτα να μάθεις!” which is also a common phrase in Greek.  In fact it means “παρακολούθα να μάθεις” because what we really mean is to watch closely in order to learn.
Thank you for the reply. Can we elaborate a little on παρακολουθώ. Would it be "observe"? And what about παρατηρώ, would that be "notice"?
Παρακολουθώ =  παρα  (prefix) + ακολουθώ (follow).  It means watch/observe, something that moves, something I can follow.

Παρατηρώ means watch/notice.  When watching, it is used for still objects, like a plant or a stone.
Thank you very much. I appreciate all that you have done for us in this community. You are of much help. :)
You are very much welcome!