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Is theos always singular? If so, what is the plural form?


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The plural form of the word θεός is θεοί.

You can see the full inclination of the noun in modern Greek below:

                      Simgular:                                  Plural

Nom.             ο θεός                                        οι θεοί

Gen.              του θεού                                    των θεών

Acc.              τον θεό                                       τους θεούς

Voc.                     θεέ                                                 θεοί

When we refer to the Christian god, the plural of the word is not used.

However, in a polytheistic religion, as was the ancient Greek, the plural of the word is very common.


Οι χριστιανοί πιστεύουν σε έναν Θεό.   =  Christians believe in one God.

Στην αρχαία Ελλάδα υπήρχαν δώδεκα μεγάλοι Θεοί. =   In ancient Greece there were twelve great gods.

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