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Hello! πέρασε χρόνοsmiley!!! Τι κάνετε?

The word Ευαγγελικός in ancient Greek, does it refer to Gospel or more to the act of preaching?

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Γεια! Είμαστε πολύ καλά.

The word "ευαγγελικός" comes from the ancient Greek word "ευαγγέλιον" which means "happy news"

ευ = good, happy

άγγελος = messenger

With the spread of Christianity the word "Eυαγγέλιον" was used to  indicate the Gospel because it brought good news about the future of humanity. So the word "ευαγγελικός" refers to the Gospel and  to whatever is related to it. I suppose that it refers to the act of preaching as well, but a theologian is more competent to answer that.
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