Who we are

We are a team of native Greek teachers. Vasiliki first started the online lessons in 2012. Later Konstantina and Nefeli joined to help with business and children lessons respectively. Several more coaches have joined us in the later years.


What we do

We teach modern Greek language, one-to-one, via Zoom.  Other than in Greek, all communication is in English.

We also have a unique and completely free Question&Answer forum: Ask Greek.  Everyone can ask a question related to the Greek language.  Vasiliki will answer you.

Our Students

Most of our students are:

  • Children or adults with a family member who is Greek (parent, spouse) and therefore have a great interest in learning the language.
  • People interested in acquiring the Certificate of Attainment in Modern Greek.


Most of our students live in:

Germany, UK, USA, Switzerland, Italy, Australia, New Zeland, Ireland, Brazil, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Turkey, Singapore, Japan, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates.


  • 2012, Vasiliki started teaching modern Greek online casually.   A large demand for Greek lessons from people around the world was soon realised.
  • 2013, Learn-Greek-Online.com was founded.
  • 2014, Ask-Greek was launched.
  • 2015, Started teaching Greek online to children.